Gorgeous chocolates!

Designed by Serbia based Coba&associates.

Para os designers que querem entender melhor....

The Problem:

Adoré are hand-made chocolates and as such fall under the category of higher quality status both in terms of product quality and packaging design, as well as consumer communication. Bearing in mind the active period in the development of the brand, we needed to create packaging for a new product - the chocolate tablet. The idea was to come up with packaging for 10 different flavors.

The Solution:

Each flavor got its own look and name! Whether it is Crunchy Mint or Orangella, each flavor received a specific packaging which are (from production standpoint) very specific in this region. Using thermal block foil, laser-cut paper and special printing techniques have resulted in designs that communicate that Adoré Chocolate provides more than just taste - it is a brand that takes you on a journey.

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